With no Multiple Listing Service and a fragmented market, purchasing an apartment in Paris can be frustrating at times. Classic Parisian agencies only give you access to their listings. And, being at the top of the list of several agencies at once, in a competitive seller's market, is difficult as well as tiresome.

By engaging us as your exclusive buyer’s agent, we represent you from search to closing and beyond, gaining full access to this segmented market and saving valuable time. We curate the experience along with our concierge team and propose a customized solution, based on your unique needs.

Let us be your guide.  

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STEP ONE - First things first, let’s discuss your project.

During a face-to-face or telephone consultation, we discover what are you are looking for and how this corresponds with today’s market.

Taking into account your individual needs, we create a dossier and timeline, coordinate with your assistant or family office as well sourcing local financial advisors as needed. 



STEP TWO - Get to know the market

Our job is to give you all the tools you need to make an informed decision and wise investment. According to your specific project we will prepare a customized market report.

It’s about falling in love with a space, but it’s always about the numbers.

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STEP THREE - Under contract

We’ve found the one! Now we just have to make sure it’s yours!! The negotiation process is always delicate, especially across multiple time-zones and bridging cultural gaps. We are your eyes and ears on the ground to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible.



STEP FOUR - From Pre-contract to Close

You may have noticed already, things take a bit longer in France. In this period we keep the ball rolling between you, the notaries, your bank and the seller’s team.

We know each day is precious. Leave it to us.



STEP FIVE - Make a house a home

Let our concierge team assist in making your new place feel like home. Our exclusive buyer’s agreement includes 3 free hours of individualized concierge service.

From helping with administrative paperwork - to finding the right renovation or interior decorator team, we have the expertise you’re looking for.



STEP SIX - Keeping things running

If Paris is not your full-time residence, or if you need a helping hand, our property management team can help you keep it all running smoothly.

From attending the yearly condo meeting to collecting your mail or managing insurance paperwork, this full-service team attends to any needs that may arise.


Tell us a bit about your upcoming project and we'll send a selection of properties. 

First, please give us some background information:

  1. What are your basic criteria and budget? 
  2. How long have you been searching?
  3. Are you currently in Paris? If not where do you live?
  4. How and when is the best time to connect to discuss your search? 

We look forward to connecting soon.

Kind regards,

Sebastien, Alison & Nicky


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